guest guidelines


Here are some guidelines we recommend you share with all your party to ensure your group has a fantastic experience at Aussie Rules Piano bar.


1. There is a $13 cover charge per person. To ensure the line moves quickly, we accept only cash for this cover charge. An ATM is located at our front entrance for your convenience.


2.  Please don’t forget your ID. We are required by law to ask any person who appears 25 or younger for government issued photo ID. Unfortunately we are legally unable to make any exceptions to this rule.


3. Please ensure your group arrives on time. We offer a 30 minute grace period past your reservation time.


a) If any portion of your group fails to arrive by the end of this half hour period, your remaining tables will be offered to guests on our waitlist.


b) Once our venue reaches legal capacity, we are required by law to start a line up. Every member of your group needs to arrive within the half hour grace period to avoid this line. No exceptions can be made to advance your guest through the line. Please understand that having open seats at your table does not guarantee anyone getting past the line. Our capacity is based on the number of guests in the room (whether standing or sitting)


4. On the night of your reservation, a section will be provided to accommodate your group. This section may consist of booths, high tables, low tables, or any combination of these three. Groups do not get one large table or booth, but rather smaller ones in the same section. We cannot guarantee which section a group will be getting as the floor plan is not finalized until the actual night of show due to cancellations and group sizes changing.

Please note: Every seat in Aussie Rules Piano Bar is a good seat!


5. HAVE FUN! The management and staff of Aussie Rules will strive to provide a fun, exciting and unique experience for you and your group! We encourage you to participate by clapping, singing and dancing along! But please refrain from dancing on the tables…the floor doesn’t break, but you might!


6. Please Drink Responsibly and plan a safe way home. We have a direct taxi line on site, and our staff can provide phone numbers for “alternative driving” companies.